Renewable Energy Policy

  • Renewable Energy Policy

    Energy is a basic requirement for economic development, every sector of economy as agriculture, manufacturing, transport, commercial, and domestic uses needs inputs of energy.

    In India the Economic development plans implemented since independence have necessarily required increasing amounts of energy, as a result, consumption of energy in all forms has been steadily rising all over the country. This growing consumption of energy has also resulted in the country becoming increasingly dependent on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Rising prices of oil and gas and potential shortages in near future lead to concerns about saving of energy supply to sustain our economic growth. Increased use of fossil fuels also causes environmental problems both locally and globally.

    Due to the heavy demand, shortages & high prices of fossil fuels & promotional Government policies for BIOFUELS, search for the sources of renewable energy is become a necessary requirement of current century. Although current share of renewable energy is a mere 3% in the overall power sector, it is set to increase significantly in the near future, henceforth it is required to adopt the RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICY.