G7 Sugar Limited has invested in latest technology to make the plant fully automated. Increased automation has also resulted in minimum human intervention and quality output. The Company is enjoying benefits from this upgraded technology :

  • Steam Consumption
    (Per Tonne Of Cane)

    The Company's steam consumption per tonne of cane is around 39% as against an industrial average of 45%. Efforts are on to reduce it to 36% and increase power savings. Every 1% savings results higher surplus for the Company to export.

  • Moisture Content

    At G7 Sugar Limited, the moisture content of the cane at the time of crushing is 48% as compared to the industry average of 50-53%. Measures are being taken to further reduce the moisture content and thus improve the efficiency of the boilers.

  • Quality Rating

    The G7 Sugar Limited plant has the capability to manufacture sugar up to 50 ICCUMSA Color value.

  • Captive Consumption
    Of Power Below 9%

    The Company is adopting a latest technology for crushing of Sugarcane instead of a conventional technology. This reduces the cost of operations as well as improves recovery of sugar and reduces moisture content in bagasse.

  • Co-generation

    Reduced consumption of captive power implies that the Company has more co-gen power for export.

  • Variable frequency drives

    The Company provided conducting variable frequency drive motors depending on the requirements to reduce power consumption.

  • Planetary gears

    The speed reduction gearboxes in the plant are high efficient planetary gears. Companying both VFD and planetary gears sugar plant power consumption is reduced to 22 kW/ton of cane as an average consumption of 26 kW and above in other plants.

  • Decanter System

    First time in our country, Company installed decanter system for muddy juice separation. Because of this bagacillo requirement of sugar process is completely eliminated, thus 0.8% bagasse saved and effectively utilised in co-generation plant for additional revenue. And also the system provides 0.5% pol lesser loss in press mud. Conventional vacuum filter pol loss is 0.06-0.08% on cane but using this latest decanter system pol loss in press mud is reduced to 0.04% n cane as well as press mud quantity is reduced from 4% on cane to 1.7% on cane.

  • Sugar Effluent
    Treatment Plant (ETP)

    Well equipped ETP is present in plant which treats sugar effluent effectively and outlet water of ETP having less than 30 BOD and 100 COD.